Bowlers wanted!


$2.50 games ends October 1st

We will be changing our happy hour pricing coming October 1, 2012. Our $2.50 games will be changing to $3.50 and our bar prices might be changing a bit too. Keep a look out!

These prices are valid Monday through Thursday after 5PM.

Super Bowling Saturdays!


Fall Leagues!

New fall leagues will be starting in September! Check out of leagues section or call 949-786-9625 to register!

Below is a list of current teams and leagues: Irvine Lanes FALL/WINTER 2012 League Information

6:30PM -Aces & Eights -begins on October 29, 2012 and is Mixed 5’s (25 weeks + sweeps) Cost=$23.00 per person per week. *** This League Sweeps in Vegas***


9:30AM-Tuesday Breakfast – begins on October 9, 2012 Senior Trios (16 weeks + sweeps) Cost=$9.00 per person per week.
12:00PM -Lunch Bunch – August 21, 2012- Doubles (only 2 games) (16 weeks + sweeps) Cost= $7.00 per person per week.
6:30PM -Tuesday Mixers- September 4, 2012 – Mixed 4’s (30 weeks + sweeps) Cost=$18.00 per person per week.

9:30AM -Early Birds- September 5, 2012- Ladies Trios No Tap – (31 weeks + sweeps) Cost=$12.00 per person per week.
6:30PM -Lamplighters – September 5, 2012 -Mixed 4’s -(31 weeks + sweeps) Cost=$20.00 per person per week.
6:45PM-615 Scratch- September 12, 2012 -Any Combo 3’s (30 weeks + sweeps) Cost=$20.00 per person per week.

6:30PM -Vegas Bound – September 13, 2012 -Mixed 5’s (26 weeks + sweeps) Cost=$23.00 per person per week. ***This League Sweeps in Vegas and has a 900 entering max***

Saturday KIDS LEAGUE!:
9:00AM – 8 for 8 Youth – September 29, 2012 -Juniors Ages 3-18 (8 weeks), Cost=$ 8.00 per person per week.

National Bowling Day!

It’s that time of year again! National Bowling day! Everybody gets one FREE game of bowling when they register at This will be on one day only, August 11th! Visit for your free coupon and we will see you on August 11th here at Irvine Lanes!!

3 Tips for Bowling a Better Game

Tip #1- The first tip we are going to share with you is how to swing the ball. This way that you swing is very important in the game of bowling. You need to make sure that you keep your arm loose. Keep your grip relaxed in the ball making sure that you are not squeezing your fingers, especially the thumb. In order to get the best grip you ball needs to be fit to your hand. This is done so that the the holes are not too big causing you to squeeze your fingers and muscle the swing.

Tip #2- The next tip is to finish up close to the foul line. You should be around 6 inches from the foul line after each delivery. This will allow the ball to make contact with the lane a little further down the lane conserving energy for the pins. If you find that you are too far behind the foul line at the end of your delivery, adjust your starting point so that you are closer at the end of delivery. This will improve your game quite a bit.

Tip #3- The last tip we want to share is that bowling is a mental game. You need to always be thinking about your delivery. If you make a good shot, try to play your process in your mind so that you can do that over and over. Always think about making that perfect delivery everywhere: even off the lanes. Imagine the steps you take to get that next strike. Always be thinking about your game.

We hope that these tips help you out a little bit. Come and test your bowling skills here at the lanes!


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Friday Night and Sunday Night Closed to the Public

Did you all know that Irvine Lanes has a conference center on the top floor of it’s building? We daily host events, business meetings, corporate parties, team building events, etc.

This weekend we have 2 major events that are causing us to close our doors for a few hours!

On Friday we will be hosting LDS Singles event! This an 800 person event that will be here from 7:30pm to 11pm. We love having big groups here at Irvine Lanes and Back Bay Conference Center. They have rented out the center with unlimited food and beverage!!

So if you plan to come in for Galaxy Bowling on Friday you can come in from 11:30 to 1am for ONLY $10.00 with your shoes included!

On Sunday we are having another event here causing us to close our doors to the public. We have a 500 person Girl Scout event! From 4:30pm to 8:15pm Irvine Lanes will not be open. If you need something to do, you are more than welcome to go next door to BOOMERS!

If your interested on planning a big event or party here don’t hesitate to contact us!

Hope to see you soon here at Irvine Lanes.

June 5th starts Tuesday Galaxy Bowling

We are happy to announce that we will be having a new Tuesday night event here at Irvine Lanes. If you didn’t already know, on Tuesday evenings we have the Din Din a Go Go food truck group in our parking lot. Every Tuesday from 5 to 9:30pm we have about 5 to 8 food trucks here at Irvine Lanes. Along with this we are going to have TUESDAY NIGHT GALAXY BOWLING! Galaxy bowling will be $10.00, which will include unlimited bowling from 9:30pm to 12am. We will also be running cross promotions with the food trucks, so be on the watch for some Irvine Lanes deals and coupons. Come and visit us on a Tuesday night to see what all the fun is about! Tuesday night Galaxy Bowling will start Tuesday June 5th. Spread the word.

Kids Bowl Free

The Kids Bowl Free program is starting again! Last year we had over 9,000 kids take part in the program. Visit to sign up. Kids under 15 will get 2 free games per kid, per day. You can then come in to our center and purchase an unlimited shoe pass until 5/31/12 for only $20. This means you can get almost 6 months of entertainment, everyday, for $20 per kid! Families can also signup for a family pass and for a low nominal fee, you can add up to 4 adults to the pass! You can start taking advantage as of April 1st, 2012, so don’t delay!